24-26 September 2019
Grand Musalla of Tehran

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Saturday, 09 December 2017 11:42

Iran Pharma Providing the Grounds for the Presence of Iranian Pharmaceutical Companies in Global Markets

In this period, we must use everything to compensate for all the times we lagged behind. This is an opportunity that if we were to not use it in the right way, it would pave the path for importing companies to seize the market.

Dr. Shanesaz, CEO of the Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company, stressing on the procurement of countless opportunities in the post-JCPOA era, stated that: "In these conditions, the possibility to reach out to well-known pharmaceutical websites in the world is provided and on the other hand, foreign countries are interested in investing in Iran. This is due to two reasons: One is that Iran's market is of great attraction for foreign countries and the second reason is that regarding technical knowledge, we have been able to prove our potentials in the domain of international markets."

He added: "As a pharmacist who has been active in this domain for years, I can undoubtedly say that both in the field of regulations and supervision and in the industry, there is no drug or molecule that our scientists want to produce but are not able to do that. If there are any shortages in production and no production at all in some special drugs, it is because of economic problems that cause the production of some of the special drugs to be affordable."

Stressing on the importance of attention to efficient economy and management in the post-JCPOA era, Shanesaz declared: "In these times, we must use all our power to compensate for all the times we have lagged behind. If we were to not use this opportunity in a good way, this will pave the path for importers to seize the market. This threat became actual during the sanctions era and caused us to face shortages in some of the pharmaceutical items."

The CEO of Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Company said: "In my opinion, we must invest in other countries, rather than invest domestically so that the foreign sides would want to be a part of our pharmaceutical market. Because our knowledge-based companies have reached a level of maturity, technique, technologies and wealth, that they can have a sustainable presence in other markets and bring about revenue from other countries."

In the end, Shanesaz said that: "Have no doubt that in the current conditions and with a methodological management, we will be able to internationalize production, sort out exports and invest abroad. In the same direction, holding pharmaceutical exhibitions, including the International Iran Pharma Exhibition can fill this gap. Unfortunately, one of the problems that we have been facing during the sanctions era was not holding high quality exhibitions with well-established companies in the international domain and now this objective is actualized. Undoubtedly, presenting the potentials of state-owned companies during these exhibitions can provide the grounds for Iranian companies to be present in global markets.

Iran's market, as the biggest in the region in terms of population and the number of drugs that are consumed, has a great appeal for many of the world's great companies.